ACM Activities for the week of 11/5/12 - 11/11/12

It's just me, Mike Berg,


Another quick update on things that are going on this week:

  • SIG Sysadmin 11/6/12 (Tuesday) at 5:15pm
  • Publicity Committee Meeting 11/7/12 (Wednesday) at 5:15pm
  • SIG Code 11/8/12 (Thursday) at 4pm
  • CS Scavenger Hunt 11/8/12 (Thursday) at 5pm
  • SIG Win 11/8/12 (Thursday) at 5:30pm

Also, there is no meeting this ACM General Meeting this week.

Until next time,

Mike Berg, ACM Secretary

ACM Activities for the week of 10/22/12-10/28/12

Greetings everyone!

I hope everyone's midterms and projects went well (or going well if you aren't done yet). In the meantime, I wanted to update everyone on the different SIG and committee meetings going on this week. The list is as follows:

  • ACM Meeting w/Google Recruiting 10/22/12 at 6-7p in SEO1000
  • SIG Win 10/22/12  at 6-7p in LCC3
  • SIG Sysadmin 10/23/12 at 5:15p in ACM Main Office
  • Public Relations Committee Meeting 10/24/12 at 5:15pm in ACM Main Office
  • Flourish Committee Meeting 10/24/12 at 5:30pm in the CS Lounge (SEL 2260)
  • SIG Code 10/25/12 at 4p in CS Lounge (SEL 2260)
  • SIG Fun LAN Party 10/27/12-10/28/12 set up time is saturday at 12p in the CS Lounge/ACM Main Office. Don't forget to sign up online at to save a spot and a reduced registration fee!

If you are free during these times this week, I would highly recommend going to at least one of these meetings. These meetings are a great way to meet new people and have some fun at the same time.


Mike Berg, ACM Secretary

Events Happening this week (10/8/12 - 10/14/12)


I hope everyone had a good weekend, either at Reflections Projections for those of you that went or rushing to finish homework/projects before going to socialize.

I wanted to give everyone a heads up to the things happening this week. You are welcome to check the calendar for more information:

  • Publicity Committee Meeting 10/9/12 (Tuesday) at 5pm in the ACM office
  • SIG Sysadmin Meeting 10/9/12 (Tuesday) at 5pm in the ACM office
  • Flourish Committee Meeting 10/10/12 (Wednesday) at 5:30pm in the CS Lounge
  • SIG Code Meeting 10/11/12 (Thursday) at 4pm in the CS Lounge
  • ACM General Meeting 10/11/12 (Thursday) at 5:30pm in SEO1000

Come out and get involved! Who knows, maybe you will ACTUALLY enjoy yourself.



Mike Berg, ACM Secretary

Reflections Projections Weekend Schedule

  So this applies mainly (pretty much only) to those attending Reflections Projections. A few things you need to do before the weekend of the conference:


  • Get the contact information of the people you are driving. You are     immediately responsible for making sure they don't get left behind.
  • Let the people you are driving know when you are leaving. You need to make sure they know when you are leaving so they can be ready on time and if they come late, then they know they maybe left behind.
  • Save your receipts for gas. You will get reimbursed for the money you spend to get to and from UIUC (also make sure that a student's name is on the receipt).


  • Get the contact information of the driver. Having the phone number of the person who is driving you is important in case of emergencies and other unforseen situations.
  • Make sure you know exactly when your ride is leaving and be there 10 minutes before departure. Everyone should be able to leave right at the scheduled time, no later (unless you have communicated to your driver that you will be late and they are fine with it).

Now for the schedule for the weekend, it will be tenitive and subject to any changes:


  • You will depart at your scheduled times
  • When you reach UIUC, most of you will go straight to the conference. You will receive your room keys from the officers (Tom and Walter). If you are in one of the earlier cars then you will have to contact Tom or Walter when you get there
  • There is a talk scheduled for 7:45pm given by PIXAR on cinema effects for those interested, and a job fair before hand if you get there early and are interested
  • After the talk, the rest of the night is yours to do with as you see fit. There will be an improptu LAN party, held at the hotel.


  • There will be events scheduled at the conference center starting at 10am and ending around 9pm, so you need to talk to your driver/fellow passengers to figure out when you want to leave for the conference and when to come back (the other officers and I expect you to attend from 11a - 5p)
  • After 5pm, you are free to spend the rest of the saturday as you would like.


Everyone needs to be out of the hotel at 10am. That means everything needs to be packed into cars, the rooms have been cleaned, and people should be ready to get into said cars and driving out of the parking lot. If there is any issue with leaving at a certain time, let your driver know and work it out with them. Keep in mind that ALL members of a room will be held responsible for any problems caused.

See you all at the conference!

Mike Berg, ACM Secretary

Reflections Projections Upcoming Meetings

Keep in mind the following dates if you are going to or thinking of going to Reflections Projections with us!

Monday 24th at 5pm in the CS Lounge (SEL 2260), we are having a DRIVERS MEETING. If you are able to drive, or it is a possibility you can drive, you MUST ATTEND. If for some reason you cannot, please contact Ashley and give her a heads up. We will be covering important information that you all need to hear.

Secondly, Thursday 27th at 5pm in the CS Lounge we are having a FULL meeting related to Reflections. If you are a driver or are attending, you MUST show up to this as well. Here we will be discussing important things that EVERYONE needs to know.

Lastly, we will be covering initial driving assignments, initial room assignments, and everything else that is along those lines. We have to cancel our extra rooms next Friday, so you have exactly ONE WEEK to figure that out.

If you have specific cars you want to be with and specific people who will be in the same room, you need to email ME with this information ASAP (I would prefer by tomorrow so I can work through all of this with Ashley over the weekend). Please have your driver email me along with the people in that car CC’ed so everyone can confirm a car assignment. Likewise, if you want to share a specific room with anyone else, I need the same thing done. If you don’t have 4 people but 2 or 3 and don’t care who else is with you, please let me know that in your email as well. Otherwise assignments will be randomly assigned as I see fit and you have to deal with it. Also, we will not be mixing guys and girls into rooms together unless it is specifically requested with a valid reason, this is for privacy concerns and I WILL NOT override that unless you all let me know.

Oh and we NEED DRIVERS. We cannot and will not compensate you if you do not take a full compliment with you. You cannot grab 1 person then drive down and expect us to give you the money for it. So if you haven’t informed Ashley how many your car can hold including yourself, I would do so now.

See you there!
ACM officers

Upcoming Events on Campus

Hey all,

I wanted to give everyone a heads up on things that are going on the next few days.

First, Microsoft Recruiting is coming to campus tonight. They will be accepting resumes for internships and a few previous interns as well as Microsoft employees will be speaking about what it is like to work at Microsoft.
Time and Place: 1st floor meeting rooms SSB at 5:30-7pm

Second, the Illinois Technology Association (ITA) will be hosting the ITA Fall Challenge for the University of Illinois at Chicago tomorrow night. Come to test your programming skills, eat free food and be entered to win prizes!
Time and Place: SEL 2248 at 5-6:30pm on September 20(tomorrow)

All the best,
Mike Berg
ACM Secretary

ACM General Meeting

Hi all, our next general meeting is this Thursday 9/13 at 5:30pm in SEO 1000.

We are covering SIGs, Reflections|Projections, Flourish, among a few other things.

SIG Leaders are asked to prepare something to talk about their SIGs for a few minutes (no more than 5 minutes).

If you are interested in STARTING a SIG, reviving an old one, or trying to take over one, please prepare something and we will go from there.

Any questions just ask Tom or any of the other officers.

Mid-September LAN Party

Alright, sorry for the not so far in advance notice, but LAN Party, this Saturday, starting at Noon. Come one, come all! So, come on down and play some games! I would like to see some play of The Ship, but I expect there to be some Artemis play as well as some other co-op games. Great event for new people to show up and socialize with others.

To pay for food costs, it is $10 entry fee. To get a 50% discount on said entry fee, sign up at beforehand.
- Alex

I would just like to remind everyone that the user list has been CLEARED. Please make sure you check the attendees to see if you are registered, if your name isn’t on the list when we print it out, you are S.O.L.

Also, it would be safe to pick a seat. While seating hasn’t been enforced very strongly recently, if we get a large turnout and end up having to actually enforce seating, you will at least get where you wanted.

Also, setting up for LAN party is going to take place BEFORE movie night this week. So please be in ACM at 4:45ish to help us set up. It won’t take long, it is mostly just moving tables and chairs and setting up wires (sweeping sometimes is necessary)

- Tom

ACM General Meeting Minutes 8/30/12

ACM General Meeting Minutes 8/30/12

> Ways and Means meeting is the first and third Tuesday of every month at 4p in the CS lounge(SEL 2260)

> Soda Policy - soda is a 50 cent donation, there is a credit line for every acm member also. A total of $7.50 is the limit and the debt must be payed by the date specified

> Video Game Policy - No video games in the ACM between 10a and 3p

> Cleaning Policy - Clean up after yourself and if you see garbage elsewhere, grab it and throw it away.

> What the ACM offers
> Tutoring
> Socializing/LAN parties
> Movie Night every Friday at 5p
> Unlimited bandwidth on the ACM network

> Reflections Projections - Hosted at UIUC(Champaign-Urbana), from October
5-7. Tech talks given by the UIUC ACM chapter. If you are interested in going and maybe even driving other people there, talk to Ashley(Treasurer)

> SIGs (Special Interest Groups)
> SIG Build - Hardware projects, monitor wall projects, led by Andrew Sennebogen
> SIG Code - A relaxed, cooperative group that persues their love of code. Any and all code ideas suggested by the members of the SIG, led by Sean Dietz
> SIG Sysadmin - A SIG focused on starting and maintaining web servers, led
by Walter Dworak
> SIG Fun - IN CHARGE OF FUN. This SIG is in charge of movie nights and LAN
parties. Led by Alex Slawniak
> SIG Game - Defunct as of today, if you are interested in making a game, you have a chance to lead it!
> SIG Droid - Defunct as of today, if you are interested in making a game, you have a chance to lead it!
> SIG Web - Defunct as of today, if you are interested in making a game, you have a chance to lead it!

> Committees
> Program Committee - Takes care of planning and organizing of general
meetings. Responsible for bringing in companies and individuals interested
in speaking at or sponsoring meetings and events
> Public Relations Committee - Working on a flyer to distribute on campus,
also working on a new logo for the ACM.
> Membership Committee - Hosts membership drives, signs people up for ACM
> Ways and Means Committee - Ben is heading the t-shirts
> There will be a t-shirt design contest, if you have any cool designs which you want feedback, talk to Mike(secretary).
> Flourish Committee - People are needed to set up equipment, find sponsors, and publicize the Flourish. Next meeting Sept. 5th 5:30p
> Engineering Council Representative - Someone is needed to go to Engineering
Council meetings, letting the council know about what the ACM is doing
and the representative would be responsible for letting the ACM know what
other groups are doing

> Permanent Librarian - We are in need of someone to figure out what books we need, recycle the ones we don't and organize the remaining books. If you are interested, contact any ACM officer

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