Weekday: Tuesdays

Location: ACM Office, SELE 2264

Time: 11AM

Location: ACM Office, SELE 2264

Leader: Dan Heller



Learn about and discuss User Interface design and usability principles!

We will discuss what makes technology work (or not work!) in the "real world". Each week we will start with a presentation about some new user interface and a discussion of positives and negatives. We will follow with limited project work based on attendee interest. No experience in HCI or any programming/crazy cool interaction technology neccesary. Suggestions and new ideas from experts are also welcome!

Meeting Log


Covered intro and definition(s) of HCI and why its important in the "real world". Discussed possible semester project: investigate use of vizwall in acm office with DDR style dance mat and software. Vote of 2.5 to 2 for simple programming vs. robot dog interface for follow on meeting.


Designed a simple "kilometer converter" UI and started to evaluate it together on the whiteboard. Comparison to my simple "IPhone app"-like interface and discussed how (with a current acm account) to make something similar using javascript and very simple HTML. Update on semester project plan. next time: robots, more discussion of project plans (and maybe more examples of "design by picture")

possible new topic for future meetings: colors and colorschemes, suggestions on some to use, where and how - based on recent and future interest/questions within the group.


Investigated the interfaces and interaction of Zoomer and I-Cybie. We looked at the user manuals for both dogs and compared their temperments, charging styles and overall design. Early voting suggests that "Zoomer" (painted to look like a Dalmation puppy) appears to be the "most authentic" dog, but the I-Cybie also gets a lot of applause and praise when he starts showing off his abilities as well! Upcoming: planning possible projects involving the robot dogs and previous projects and work we have done as a group.



Attendance was sparse this week (during midterms). A few more people got to meet the robots from last week, we had a little less success getting them to respond to commands, perhaps they aren't getting trained effectively?


I've created a list of resources for additional robots to evaluate and compare which I am now saving for next meeting.


Also I will try to see if Ican post the sketch I created of our Kilometer converter UI (update: attached at bottom of page) - if there is interest we can expand this design to a health/exercise calculation application (I have a rough prototype I use for some of my own fitness activities this term - it might be interesting to refine its UI or consider other applications). 


There has been a bit of progress on getting the monitor wall working again in SIG Sysadmin over the last week or so, so hopefully more updates on when we might be able to use this next time.



We didnt meet this week but I did post (bottom of page below) some tips on one way to use Javascript to test very simple UI mockups such as were described in the meeting week one. More to follow next week.



Project parameters set. see notes below. 



There was no meeting today, but there is an update to project progress (see revised document attached below)


Tasks & Projects

       HCI Project document attached below

       Stepmania is runing on the vizwall!! (11/10/2015) But  (so far) there        is a lot of lag and the screen is very small.. TBD: bring a dance mat          and try playing anyway!!! 

resources that it might be useful if people start looking at:

for "dance mat" project:

also consider attending SIG sysadmin so that maybe you can help to get the monitor wall up and running!

for colorschemes (including a means to start  investigating how to accomodate colorblind users):