Welcome to the SIG App homepage.

Who are we?
SIG App is an interest group run through ACM to facilitate web application development on a variety of platforms.

What do we hope to accomplish?
We want to build something cool, unique, or helpful! If you have ever wanted to build a web or mobile application, SIG App can help you complete your dreams!

What tools do we use?
This semester, we will place a large emphasis on Angular.js. In the previous semester, we have covered the MEAN stack (MongoDB, Express, Angular.js, and Node.js). We will try and narrow our focus to just Angular.js as this is the most basic tool to create an application. To build mobile applications, we will use Apache Cordova.

When and Where do we meet?
As of now, the scheduled time is around **4:00 pm Mondays** (NOT 3pm Wednesdays)
We will meet every other week in the ACM Office, so be sure to check the calendar for extra or cancelled meetings. Email reminders will also be sent out.

******************** Schedule ***************************
2/4: Promised Based API's + Angular Material Design
2/23: HackIllinois Prep: Yeoman + Sample Apps + API Demos

3/2: DEMO DAY (bring what you have been working on during the semester)
3/16: (TBD) Angular Analytics
3/30: (TBD) Angular + Nginx A/B testing

4/13: (TBD) Angular 2.0 + digest cycle

Questions? Email Jeff at for more information!

Previous Semester Github Link (w/ Tutorials):

Solr vs ElasticSearch (
Solr Dynamic Fields (