LUG Web is for people interested in web development. We have a wide variety of people ranging from complete beginners to people who have developed for years. With such a diverse group, different people can help others learn how to make great websites from scratch.

The group generally explores in PHP, HTML, CSS, and Javascript. If you're interested in learning any of the above, feel free to drop by. As of Fall 2013, this SIG is run under the Linux Users Group(LUG).


  • Lead: Chase Lee


LUG Web is currently on hiatus.  Please check the ACM/LUG calendar for the most up-to-date meeting times.  These meetings will generally for the purpose of learning about a web development tool, framework, library, etc.

An additional meeting day is in the planning stages, where groups will work on a long-term project.

Proposed Projects

  • A new ACM website

  • A revamped ACM Library Checkout/in system

  • A announcement board/slideshow


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