SIG Math Coding

Weekday: Tentatively, first and third Monday of the month

Time: 5-6 PM

Our meeting time is subject to change.

Location: ACM Office


We are a Special Interest Group dedicated to analytical solutions to computational problems, and computational approximations of mathematical problems. We bring up new problems every week, of varying levels of difficulty, and solve them in the interim between meetings. Our past problems statements can be found on our Slack.


  • Jasmine Otto (Fa16 - Sp18)
  • Nigel Flower (Fa16/Sp17)
  • Misha Ryabko (Fa18 - Sp19)


Slack Chat: sig_math on UIC ACM Slack. Please use the ⊕ next to Channels to add us.

Email Us:, where X = mryabk2

Our unofficial Slack has meeting notes and working codes from last year. Our defunct GitLab has anything older than that.