Office Policies

General Policies

  • Pick up after yourself
  • Do not bring any drinks or food to the Instructional Computing Laboratories (ICL). These labs have brand new macs and you do not want to damage expensive university property.
  • Do not leave personal items in the office (ACM is not responsible for the loss or theft of valuables)
  • Try not to disturb others (excessive noise, etc.)
  • Keep your hands to yourself (see Assault Policy below)

Key Policy

Only members of the Executive Council, Systems Administrators of ACM/LUG, and officer approved individuals may hold keys to the ACM/LUG office, and only for the term of election. Keys should be returned to the advising department in a prompt manner following the cessation of official ACM/LUG duties. Failure to return a key will result in the loss of your security deposit and the expulsion from the ACM Office and its resources.

Door Policy

The ACM Office is open anytime there is a valid keyholder present. In all other instances the doors should remain closed and locked, and the last keyholder to leave is responsible for ensuring that this is the case.

Assault Policy

Assault is defined as any offensive and intentional physical contact with another person without their consent.

  • Violator is permanently banned from ACM and a police report will be filed.
  • A pardon may be granted by majority vote of the executive council

Gaming Policy

You are free to play games in the ACM office at any time before 10AM or after 3pm with the follow conditions

  • You must give up your seat and desk at any point during the day for anyone that wants to use the location for academic, work, or educational purposes if there are no other available spaces. You must abide to this rule even if doing so will cause you to lose your game
  • You may not speak over microphone
  • You may not talk to others in the room regarding the game, game strategies, etc. unless it is after 3:00 PM or before 10:00 AM.
  • This rule is in effect after 3:00 PM if there is a SIG or ACM meeting in the ACM office and remains in effect until such meeting is over.
  • You must not violate the excessive noise policy
  • People may not crowd around the person playing the game. This causes a fire hazard in which people can be trampled!

Space Policy

The ACM office is a shared resource and thus, we have many people coming in any time during the day. While you are free to use the desks and chairs of the ACM, you may not 'hog' a seat. You must give up your seat to another person that wants to do any of the following:

  • Study
  • Work
  • SIG related educational activities
  • Educating oneself (reading articles, newspapers, etc) NOT comics, reddit, digg, etc
  • Developing

The ACM has no assigned seats and therefore, you must pick up after yourself when you leave. If you are to leave momentarily, please leave a note so nobody takes your seat. Any personal possessions that are left behind with no note will be unplugged (if applicable) and moved into a reclamation bin. Please remember, ACM holds no liability for your possessions. If a note was left but you are gone for a period longer than 1 hour, your possessions will be moved into the reclamation bin. Exceptions to this rule are granted by the ACM officers and must be signed.

Shared Resource Policy

The ACM office offers a refrigerator, toaster oven, microwave, and computers for students, faculty, staff, and invited guests to use. Please refer to the specific rules for each shared resource:

Refrigerator Policy

  • You are free to use the refrigerator to store food but you should mark the item with your name.
    • Food will be discarded each Friday evening
    • The owner may or may not be notified of removal of the food.
  • You may not leave food in the freezer without express ACM Officer permission
  • If you cause a mess, you must clean it up!

Toaster Oven and Microwave Policy

  • You must clean up any mess that you make!
  • All crumbs, etc., must be disposed of

Violations to the Policy

  • First time offenders: You will not be allowed to use the office or the office resources for a period of 24 hours
  • Second time offenders: You will not be allowed to use the office or the office resources for a period of one week
  • Repeat offenders: At the discretion of the officers, your office privileges will be suspended for any period of time including indefinitely.
    • Fair warning and reason will be given prior to the ban