SIG MedTech

Weekday: Friday

Time: 4-5PM

Location: ACM Lounge


SIG MedTech


Our Objective is to merge current technologies and to improve upon them. To allow for people to have open access to solutions and systems to improve their lives. This SIG deals with hardware, software, and medical field.


Our goal is to create a system that  allows for automatic regulation of the blood glucose levels in a Type 1 (also known as Juvenile ) Diabetic.  We'll be making an efficient system that makes use of current technology and linking them together to work in tandem to allow for a safer and easier regulation of a subject's blood glucose levels



  • All projects will be Open source

  • There will be a lot of data analysis as well as coding so for those who have no coding experience all are welcome.

  • This is entirely self driven and for self motivated people.

  • There will be no lecture like in other sigs

  • Do all this while making ourselves look good for employers



  • Ben Maciorowski


Email the Leader: Ben Maciorowski <bmacio2 [at] uic [dot] edu>


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