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Hello ACMers,

Reflections|Projections shuttles to Urbana-Champaign are this Friday(October 11, 2013), with that I would like to remind those of you going this weekend of a few things:

  • You should have received an email from your driver regarding your meeting time and location for departure from Chicago. If you have not, please contact an ACM officier ASAP!
  • Please adhere to your driver's directions and be sure to exchange contact information.
  • There are many speakers and events this year, check out the Reflection|Projections schedule here: Reflections|Projections Schedule
  • Remember that you are representing UIC and the ACM@UIC community.  Make responsible choices. ;-)
  • If you have NOT paid your ACM membership, do so ASAP!
  • If you have not registered for Reflections|Projections, please do so on their website here:
  • Do not jaywalk in Urbana-Champaign. It is illegal and enforced.
  • When arriving at the hotel, check in with an ACM officier to get your room keys.
  • When returning on Sunday, please be aware that the Chicago Marathon will also be occurring. Expect traffic delays when returning to Chicago.
    • Some Relevant street closures are listed below:
Street IntersectionClosing TimeAnticipated Reopening
Adams St.: Franklin St. to Damen Ave.7 AM

12:30 PM

Damen Ave.: Adams St. to Van Buren St.7 AM

12:30 PM

Van Buren St.: Damen Ave. to Ogden Ave7 AM

12:30 PM

Ogden Ave.: Van Buren St. to Jackson Blvd7 AM

12:30 PM

Jackson Blvd.: Ogden Ave. to Halsted St.7 AM

1 PM

Halsted St.: Jackson Blvd. to Taylor St.7 AM

1 PM

Taylor St.: Halsted St. to Ashland Ave.7 AM

1:30 PM

Ashland Ave.: Taylor St. to 18th St.7 AM

1:30 PM

18th St.: Ashland Ave. to Halsted St.7 AM

1:30 PM

Halsted St.: 18th St. to Archer Ave.7 AM

2:00 PM

Archer Ave.: Halsted St. to Cermak Rd.7 AM

2:00 PM

For a complete list, please check the website.



Chase Lee
LUG@UIC Vice-President
Flourish! Committee Head


Where: ACM area (SEL 2262)
When: Saturday September 28, 2013
Setup starts at 12:00pm
Cost: $0

Sign Up at and take a seat. Looking to get many people involved.
Food as like last time is free for all.
Games we play: whatever people want.

SIG Leaders Update

Tony had sent out an email a couple weeks ago to see who was currently leading SIG's and this is a follow up to that. I am working to make sure all the SIG leaders have access to edit their pages on the website and access to add events to the ACM calendar.

So far this is the list I have:
SIG Build: Andrew Sennebogen
SIG Fun: Ashley Riley
SIG Fun: Alex Slawniak
SIG Web: Chase Lee
SIG Code: Ian Swift
SIG Game: Jonathan Levy
SIG Game: Sunil Rao

Everyone listed should have access to update their web pages. If you are not on this list OR are and need access to add events to the ACM calendar, please email me with your SIG information, ACM account name, and the email address you would like given access to the ACM calendar.

Walter Dworak

ACM SysAdmin

Orbitz Infosession and Bowling

This Thursday at 5:00pm there will be an Orbitz infosession in SEO 1000 followed by bowling in SCE. See below for details.

"Join us for an informational session to learn about what Software Engineers do at Orbitz, ask some questions, and find out a little more about what Orbitz has to offer for software engineering jobs."

Orbitz Informational Session
SEO 1000
Thursday, September 19, 2013
5:00pm - 6:00pm
There will be drawings for prizes! All interested seniors and graduate students should attend, but anyone is welcome.

Orbitz Hosted Bowling Event - RSVP Required!
Student Center East Bowling Alley
Thursday, September 19, 2013
6:00pm - 8:00pm
Food & Drinks provided

Tony Phelps

2013 ITA Fall Challenge

This Wednesday (9/18) at 5:30pm in SELE 2284 there will be an info session given by Sanjib Sahoo, CTO of OptionMonster followed shortly after by the first exam in the ITA fall challenge. You must RSVP in advance. Please see the flyer attached to this post for details.

Tony Phelps

SIG SysAdmin Meeting Updates

So I got some feedback that puts the desired regular meeting day Mon-Wen. Since I still would like to do something this week as well, I've come up with a compromise.

The first official meeting will be next week Tuesday, the 17th, at 5:15pm, everyone should meet at the ACM Office in SELE 2262 and we'll take things from there. Note: this meeting schedule is not yet permanent

That said and since I would like to have something done this week, I will be in the office on Friday at 4:30pm and anyone interested on getting a head start can come, get most of the introductory information (so what will probably be most of the offical first meeting), and get started with the first few intro tasks.

Reminder: No prior experience is needed, but you do need to have a valid ACM account.

-Walter Dworak
ACM Sysadmin

Reflections Projections Update

Hi everyone, 

with R|P coming up in about a month, we need to start getting a more definite tally of how many people are going. The goal is 60 definite people, but we need an accurate count ASAP. This is a brand new form so even if you filled the one before out, please redo it again this time. The old one was for budget purposes, this one is the definite list of people going. 
The deadline for this confirmation is ON SEPTEMBER 13, so please fill this form out as soon as you read this. If you aren't on this list by that time, then you won't be able to ride down or stay in the hotels with us (but you can still go if you have your own means of transportation and a place to stay).
So again, please fill this out IMMEDIATELY, it is only 4 simple questions. Here is the link:
Remember, the date for the conference is October 11th through 13th. Any questions please feel free to contact me.
Tom Phillips

Fall Return LAN Party

So yes, School year is starting and I know some people have been itching for one of these. As celebration, there will be a LAN Party in the ACM area (SEL 2262).

WHEN: 08-31-2013. Setup starts at 12pm

I would like to have some tournaments as I plan on grabbing some prizes (probably not any huge ones, but prizes nonetheless). There will be tournaments, if you have any ideas, e-mail me

There is no entrance fee, since that was used for pizza money and this time around it's going to be fend for yourself in terms of food.

Also, I really want to get a high turn-out so that in the future we can have a sponsored LAN Party, so invite your friends along!

If you plan on coming, please sign up at

Welcome back!

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to take a minute and on behalf of all of the ACM officers welcome everyone back to UIC!

Just a few things I want to cover, I'll try to keep it short.

First, the tunnel is closed for the time being apparently and so is the New lounge. But the primary CS lounge and new computer lab is open, as well as the ACM office itself.

Secondly, a few people were asking about certain office policies. The two I'll go ahead and mention right now are gaming and soda. As far as gaming goes, we are going to try and not restrict the hours and see how that goes. The expectation is that the volume of office is kept to a minimum level of disruption. If things get out of hand then we will readdress the issue. The ACM workstations are meant to be priority work and not gaming particularly during the day. Let's all try to be reasonable with this.

The second thing is our soda policy. Last semester I had to hunt people down and even pay off some debts from my own pocket. So the update is this... We are allowing a CREDIT SYSTEM only! You may put money into the bucket and add chalk marks for how much soda credit you have, but you may NOT go negative. The board is currently not cleaned for it so I'll get to setting that up later today. Any questions about these two things go ahead and talk to us.

Third and lastly for now, it's cool that you guys eat lunch and bring whatever to ACM, but I really must stress PICKING UP AFTER YOUR SELF. Be conscious of your garbage and make sure it is disposed of appropriately, this goes for the fridge as well. If we all cooperate on maintaining the area then we won't need to worry on massive clean ups.

Those are really the big things off the top of my head. Welcome back and let's try and have a really strong semester and focus on improving the ACM image to the department, our fellow students, and the other Engineering student organizations. Again, any questions feel free to ask any of the officers or get in touch with me personally. I'm always available to talk.

Tom Phillips
ACM President

PS - unless I am mistaken, our first meeting is next Thursday September 5th at 5:30pm in SEO 1000.

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