Meeting Minutes 1/31/13

Hi again everyone,

This past Thursday, Eugene Kania from CA Technologies came and talked to us about Mainframe computer systems and job prospects in the field of mainframe management.

The presentation was extremely informative and if you missed it or would like to know more about CA Tech, or get in contact with Eugene, see the links and contact info below:




  • Contact Info:
The ACM is also having another talk this week, information about the talk will be proved later in the week.
Mike Berg, ACM Secretary

09-02-13 LAN Party

Alright, people have been asking me when the next one will be, so here we go!

Where: ACM Office and surrounding rooms
When: Saturday February 9, 2013. Setup starts at Noon

As per usual, movie night will happen the Friday before it with initial setup either being before or after the movie. Sign-up at so that you will only need to pay $5 rather $10 for food.

ACM Meeting Tonight! (1/31/13)

Hi everyone!

The ACM is having a meeting tonight, but instead of a general meeting, where we go over what has been going on with our various SIGs, we are having a guest speaker give a presentation tonight!

The meeting tonight at 5:30pm in SEO1000

See you tonight,

Mike Berg, ACM Secretary

ACM General Meeting MInutes 1/17/13

Meeting Minutes 1/17/13


SIG (Special Interest Group) and Program Updates -

  • SIG Build - Monitor Wall project; meeting time TBA
  • SIG Code - Random and/or interesting coding ideas or projects; meeting time: TBA
  • SIG Game - Project Hack and Slash, a 2D, top down view close combat game; meeting time: TBA
  • SIG Sysadmin - Self project driven, teaching members about the ACM servers and systems; Meeting Time: TBA
  • SIG Fun - LAN parties, movie nights; Movie Night: Fridays around 5pm, LAN parties: TBA

Mike Berg, ACM Secretary

ACM General Meeting Today!

Hey everyone,

Just a friendly reminder that our first general meeting for this semester is TONIGHT at 5:30pm in SEO 1000. There shall be pizza and we are going to cover general stuff for this coming semester. I would also like whatever SIG leaders who are present to give a quick update on what is going on with their SIG since the start of last semester. Also, if that ends quickly, I would like things to end a little early to save time at the end for questions/concerns or anything of that sort of nature.

ACM Activities for the week of 12/3/12 - 12/9/12

The weekly update is as follows:

  • SIG Sysadmin 12/4/12 (Tuesday) at 5:15pm in ACM Office
  • SIG Game 12/4/12 (Tuesday) from 1 to 3pm in ACM Office
  • Publicity Committee Meeting 12/5/12 (Wednesday) at 5:15pm in ACM Office
  • SIG Code 12/6/12 (Thursday) at 4pm in CS Lounge

That's all for this week, now go study for those finals!

Mike Berg, ACM Secretary

ACM Activities for the week of 11/19/12 - 12/2/12

Hi everyone!

In line with my duties as Scribe, I am appriasing you of upcoming UIC ACM events.

For the week of 11/19/12 - 11/25/12

  • SIG Sysadmin 11/20/12 (on Tuesday) at 5:15pm
  • No Publicity Committee meeting this week
  • Thanksgiving Break! (11/22/12 and 11/23/12)

Not much going on this week due to the small break we are granted by the university.

Next week however is a different story, the list of events for the week of 11/26/12 - 12/2/12 is as follows:

  • SIG Sysadmin 11/27/12 (on Tuesday) at 5:15pm
  • SIG Game 11/27/12 (on Tuesday) between 1-3pm
  • Publicity Committee 11/28/12 (on Wednesday) at 5:15pm
  • SIG Code 11/29/12 (on Thursday) at 4pm
  • ACM General Meeting 11/29/12 (on Thursday) at 5:30pm

Lots going on next week. Make sure to attend our next ACM General Meeting for food, fun and ACM related information.

With utmost fanciness,

Mike Berg, ACM Secretary


ACM General Meeting Minutes 11/1/12


  • If you aren't on the UIC ACM listserv, sign up here:
  • CS scavenger hunt nov. 8th, don't forget to go

Tom Sakkos, Software Engineer from Netherrealm presented at the meeting, talking about his experiences as an intern and things to do to have a higher chance of getting an internship. He left his personal information as well if anyone has any questions or would like to apply for an internship at Netherrealm. His contact information is below:

  • To:
  • Subject: Intership (KoreTech/Gameplay)
  • Body: Haiku on why you want to work at NetherRealm (multiple haikus accepted)
  • Attach: Your Resume

And yes, he really does want a haiku, and make it good!


Mike Berg, ACM Secretary

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