Hey everyone, this week is E-Week!!

Be sure to check out all the events. You can find a schedule attached to this post. Keep an eye out for the Ice Cream social going on right now and the NERDstacle (which hopefully won't suck) on Wednesday.

Also, this Friday, be sure to stop by SCE and check out our booth, where Sean will no doubt be playing Cave Story. After that, well, maybe you want to go bowling.

- Andrew
EWeek Schedule

SIG Build Meeting Thursday!!!

There is a SIG Build meeting Thursday at 5:00 pm at SEL 2264 (the lab next door to the ACM office. We will be showing off the latest progress on the display wall, as well as discussing it and other projects and the future of SIG Build.

If you are an active member or are simply interested in computer hardware, I hope to see you there!

(Tell you what...if it helps attendance, I'll bring donuts, OK?)

Robert B.
President, SIG Build

Tips for cs430

So, I was making a list of tips I had for those going into cs340.

- Cs340 is going to be C++ for the entire semester. A good place for documentation (ie the closest thing to javadocs) is cplusplus.com
- You will be using Qt, which is a free framework. It has its own ide. Qt has really good documentation. You can download: http://qt.nokia.com/products/. Documentation is: http://doc.qt.nokia.com/4.7/index.html
- You will be required to compile your code on bert, which is a linux-based system. I would recommend getting to know a little about linux, so that you can use bert and the linux lab to compile your programs. If you have more questions about this, I am more than happy to explain, just ask.
- I took the course with professor Troy. He had a lot of projects, with the last two being partner projects. I hear that professor Leigh also is very project heavy.
- The acm does offer tutoring. Get in there early (referring to early in the project), and we will be able to help you with your program. Do know this: we will not do your project for you.
- You can ask siggame mailing list or acm mailing list for help, but be warned that we will not do your project for you.
- I feel that the biggest difference between java and c++ is how the two deal with memory. Learn how c++ deals with memory. Don't just idle in class, actually learn it.

Anyone have any other tips, or arguments with mine?


SIG-Build Meeting Thursday at 5:00

We will have the first SIG-Build meeting of the semester this Thursday (1/13/11) at 5:00 in the IT lab (SEL 2264). We will be coming up with a timeline for the completion of extant projects, prepping new and future SIG / project leaders, as well as playing with our new hardware!

See you on Thursday!

President, SIG-Build

Flourish Meeting

Planning meeting for the Flourish Open Source Conference will occur
this Wednesday, Jan 12th at the Computer Science lounge (SELE 2260) at 6-7pm.

Do get involved and help us make it something awesome or new or
anything cool (and relevant) you can come up with.
Check out the website here: http://www.flourishconf.com/2011/

For directions to SELE 2260, please visit the UIC Mega Pathfinder.

General Meeting Group Photo

Thanks everyone for coming to the ACM general meeting yesterday. It was very fun and Orbitz brought along an awesome presentation and speaker!

If you were interested in applying for a job at Orbitz, please feel free to follow their recruiting twitter handle at @orbitztalent. We also have some flyers and cards from Orbitz in the ACM office. And as always, look forward to more meetings with more speakers in the future.
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