Unresolveable hostnames - 2/28/2016 [Resolved]

SysAdmins are currently looking into an issue causing most subdomains under *.cs.uic.edu to not resolve correctly.


Currently known affected domains:

  • acm.cs.uic.edu
  • acm.eecs.uic.edu
  • brink.cs.uic.edu
  • cuda.cs.uic.edu
  • dvorak.cs.uic.edu
  • hans.cs.uic.edu
  • linux.cs.uic.edu
  • lug.cs.uic.edu
  • malware.cs.uic.edu
  • sigbuild.cs.uic.edu
  • siggame.cs.uic.edu
  • swe.cs.uic.edu
  • wics.cs.uic.edu

If you have any questions about this, please contact your friendly neighborhood Sysadmin at: sigsysadmin [at] acm.cs.uic.edu


Thank you for your patience,

Chase Lee
LUG President 2015-2016
ACM/LUG System Administrator


Update #1 - CS DNS servers were restarted on Monday. Issue was resolved after that...