ACM LAN Party September 12

The first ACM LAN Party will be this Saturday, September 12th in the CS lounge (SELE 2260).

​What's a LAN party: Super awesome fun time where gamers just sit together and play video games (and a few board and card games) and eat.

What to bring: Your lovely selves, your gaming machine(s), controllers, other accessories, and any games you would like to play (including board and card games). The ACM WILL NOT provide gaming machines!

Time: Set-up begins at 12:00pm, first game starts at 1:00pm.

Cost: This event is completely free

Who: Anyone can come, including non ACM members and alumni. Those not affiliated with UIC can also come, but must be accompanied at all times with someone who is UIC affiliated.

Games: No official game listing, play whatever you want with whoever you want, whenever you want. Here are just a few of the games we typically play or have played in the past:
Civ V
Team Fortress 2
League of Legends
Super Smash Bros.
Mortal Kombat
The Ship

Tournaments: Due to the last minute nature of this event, there will be no "official" gaming tournaments, however, those who come are free to organize tournaments or mass-gaming events as they please (including and especially Artemis and Civ V).

How to sign-up: RSVP isn't required, but please fill out the following form to help us get a better idea of attendance and what games people want to play.​