Ludum Dare April 17th

Hello! So as you may or may not know, Ludum Dare, a game jam/competition where you're tasked to create a video game in 48 hours, is coming soon. The next one will be from April 17th to April 19th. Just like last year, this year we're going to host Ludum Dare right here at UIC. It will take place in the CS lounge/ACM area, and will approximately last for 48 hours. Keith and I (Sunil) will be hosting it, so please try to come if you're interested. Here is some more information from the Facebook event created by Keith ( -----------------------------------------------------------------

It's that time of the year again: Ludum Dare. LD is a Game Development jam and competition

Ludum Dare is a Game Development "jam" and competition. It is an online event but since it's lonely working alone and difficult to find others to work with, we created this event so everybody can get together and make teams to create something cool!


Starts at 8 PM on Friday the 17th and goes until Sunday night, although the website allows you to submit up until 8 PM on Monday. Please try to arrive at 7:30 PM so we can get things organized and form teams (optional).

Who can come:

Anybody! Even if you've never made a game, anybody can contribute. There are some really simple game engines out there like GameMaker or Scratch which make it possible for anybody to design games.

What you'll need:

Bring any tools you need for your craft; laptops for programmers, instruments for musicians, drawing tablets for artists, etc.


At 7:45 PM we will get everybody together and vote on two ways to make teams:

A) Form your own, walk around and find programmers if you're an artist and vice versa.

B) Tell us what your skills are and we will form balanced teams. Reduces the whole awkward human interaction thing.

Full Rules:

Steam games that started as Ludum Dare games: