SIG Sysadmin First Meeting


Hey Guys,    

So this is the official announcement I promised at the meeting yesterday and have a time and date for the first SIG Sysadmin meeting. As noted in the subject it will be at 5:30pm Monday, September 8th in SELE 2264. I would have liked to give people more lead time in notice, but unfortunately it currently looks like has to either be this coming Monday or get pushed back a week.  

  If you are interesting in joining or just want to get more information on the SIG, but this time and day does not work at all then please send me an email to wdwora2 AT uic DOT edu and include some of your schedule details so we can work something out and if enough people respond I will look into other possibilities. 

The agenda for the meeting will be a general introduction of any current and potential members to the work space, systems, some software/hardware concepts, and to get a general idea of where everyone is at in experience and interests as to better plan for future meetings and get a many people moving in the right direction as possible from the get go. Before then I invite everyone to check out our SIGs area of the website,, and our wiki,, to start getting an idea of what things the ACM currently has, what some of our members have done so far, and to start thinking about what you would like to do and get out of the organization.


Have a good Fall semester and hope to see you on Monday,

Walter Dworak ACM Sysadmin