First Meeting, HOT HOT HOT!

I'm not kidding. It was ridiculously hot in there. Normally we meet in SEO 1000 which is larger and better ventilated, but due to it being the second week of school we had to meet in the CS lounge. Then over 100 people showed up! That's your fault, not ours. You should be less extraordinary in the future. You're setting a high bar, little high achievers.

The meeting went generally pretty well I thought. We talked about ACM in general, then gave you free pizza (and who doesn't like free pizza?) before the SIGs gave their incredibly impressive presentations. In case you were one of the three people not cool enough to come to the meeting, here's a quick synopsis of what ACM announced:

Association for Computer Machinery is an association for computer machinists. We hold a variety of talks, including bringing in companies, bringing technical experts, and having university professors discuss their research. We're trying to get some of the best talks this year of all time. It's a great way to advance your career and network, and if you want to comment on the way the organization is being run, you can come to our special town hall meetings for specifically discussing the organization. We also run a variety of Special Interest Groups, which are great ways to get involved with projects, and the famous SIG-Fun which is how we all relax from CS and get to know our classmates. We play games (board and computer), and hold movie nights. Great way to socialize.

If you actually join ACM you will get access to an ACM account on our persistent linux servers with a variety of abilities such as server space and access to ACM resources--this includes wifi and LAN access (much better than UIC wifi, and no we're not kidding). You also get access to the ACM library! I currently have two books checked out, it's really useful if you need information on a specific topic... You get to go to Reflections Projections. You want to go to that and see some serious speaks and hang out with some serious cool peeps. All this for only $10.

Events coming up:

- Life at Google, Friday September 5th @ 4PM in SEO 1000:
An alumn from UIC who goes to google is going to come talk about as you guessed, life @ google.

- ITA Fall Chanllenge, Thursday, September 11 at 5pm in the CS lounge:
An event to test your CS and progrmaming knowledge. Great prizes await those who do well.

- Linux Users Group (LUG) Meeting, Thursday September 18th @ 5:30 in the CS tunnel,
Our sibling organization that is involved with linux! They have some break out groups of their own, feel free to check it out!

-2014 ACM-ICPC North America, Saturday September 27th 2014, Qualifier Contest AND
Saturday, November 1st, 2014 Real Contest
A personal favorite event of mine. Strict algorithm and coding competition. Literally what made me decide I wanted to do CS.

Anyway that's all I got for you, hope to see you around the lounge.

Ian Swift
ACM Secretary