Meeting Minutes -- Post-Election Meeting

Three main points were iterated at this meeting, as the old officers unofficially welcomed in the new officers. They are as follows.

  1. Philosophy - "The four of you [officers] are a team now."
  2. Student organization registration needs to be done NEXT WEEK with Theys.
  3. A budget should be finished with Sloan by the end of May. This means the officers need to create a budget, it needs to get approved by Theys, and then it needs to get approved by Sloan, in that order before summer begins.

The other importants things discussed were:

  • Officers need to file for ACM membership.
  • The password for the safe was given to the officers.
  • ACM would benefit from focusing on internal affairs, those being tutoring meeting attendance, and regulars at the office
  • Sean said "President talks to members, students faculty, VP talks to people outside the university to come in."
  • We are looking for a ACM member to serve as a new representative to ENGR 100 next semester, as well as a representative to engineering counsel.
  • Previous officers and new officers will have a formal lunch meeting with Theys sometime next week.